Activity & Events Guide

Activity & Events Guide is a comprehensive guide to area event listings such as festivals,shows, sales, sporting events,arts culture, heritage, children’s activities, dining, entertainment venues,museums, special tours and more.  This is a community-focused publication with great photos, editorials, profiles and calendar listings of timely event happenings.  It also is a resource for program registration for many Guelph and area sports, recreation and leisure opportunities

Guelph enjoys a thriving arts and music dynamic. At Venture Guelph Publications Ltd. we pride ourselves in recognizing and promoting this very special aspect of our city.

Published four times a year — spring, summer, fall and winter, the Activity and Events Guide maintains a long shelf life.

38,000 copies per issue delivered to homes in Guelph and also available at some 60 community locations.

The Activity and Events Guide features community activities, services and events for all ages and all lifestyles in and around Guelph.

We’ve partnered with a number of community organizations to ensure our readers are kept up-to-date on the many activities and events that are happening every day in our area.

Hike for HospiceThe Activity and Events Guide contains information, schedules, and costs for hundreds of activities including sports, camps, leisure activities for all ages, preschools youth activities, continuing education activities, arts and culture, special events, activities for seniors, programs for moms and kids — they are all listed along with their registration information.

The Activity and Events Guide also features interesting articles on nutrition and healthy lifestyles, fund raising activities and volunteer information.